Blue Eye K.C. de Combremonts


red merle Female

Born 10/10/2000

CH Rivermedes Cool Runnings
Blue C/W RF

Ch Sand Ridge Ventana
Blue c/w
Windhills Claim Jumper
Ch Jubilees Federal Agent
Ch Lady In Red Of Heatherhill
Viva Las Vegas of Starcross CD
Midnight Special of Somerset
Ch Visions Of Fireslide
Misty Morns Sawyer Brown
Black RF
Ch Misty Morns Rackateer CD STDcs OTDd
Red c/w
Ch Windjammer Of Gefion CD

Blue RF
Ch Mistymorn Sparkling Sherry Of L7
Misty Morns Bearfoot Bonnie
Ch Briarbrooks Prime Time
black c/w
Too Tuff To Touch of Shadowfax
Pales Copper Top Tessa
Red C/W

Scraps Rusty Luger
Rm,c/w, DT

Ch Rabregas Rusty Memories
Rm, c/w, DT
Ch Downeast Courageous CD

R, c/w, DT
She Ain't Ez,
Gannons Scraps of Blue CD STDc,

Bm, w, DT

Nomads Little Scrapper CD STDd,
Bm, w, DT
Black Powders Image,
B, c/w, DT
Lanbrias Larky Yascal
bm c/w

Jokers Wild Sapphire Sampson

Ch Master Charge Of Windermere
Bm, c/w, DT
Somercrests Holly Baleau; E6847
Bm, c/w, DT
Gold Nuggets Crimson Delilah

Bm, c/w, NBT
Ch Tri-ivory Yankee Dandy CDX RD, C442
Bm, c/w, DT
Ch Nelsons Phoebe Of Gold Nugget CD STDds

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